COVID 19 – Update 9th July »

We are back baby…. Monday 13th July sees the doors to the injury clinic BACK OPEN Following on from the announcement yesterday 9th July – we have been given the green light to open the doors – Taking bookings for injury rehab and sports massage from Monday 13th July. In clinic we will be following […]
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COVID-19 Update JUNE 23rd »

COVID-19 Update – NO therapy – Injury Consultations/Program Following on from the government’s announcement today and clarification for governing bodies we are NOT permitted to prescribe massage or any hands on therapy until further notice.  However, if you have a specific injury we are providing consultations from the 6th July.  Consultations with program – £45 […]
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COVID-19 Update »

COVID UPDATE – MAY 11th We’ve had further information today as to the guidelines with the outdoor exercise. The government has confirmed that, from Wednesday 13th May, outdoor personal training will be allowed on a one-to-one basis, providing that social distancing guidelines are observed. I will be taking appointments on a Wednesday and Friday predominately […]
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COVID-19 Update In line with the latest government guidance, it is looking likely we will be reopening the clinic on July 4th for hands on therapy. We are working to reopen the clinic in a safe and responsible way, so there will be guidelines to follow when visiting optimal performance for any treatments. I will […]
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7 Years – 4 Injury clinic – 1 Gym »

Optimal Performance has grown from a small room in a Football club to a commercial gym, to a sports specific gym and now to its own gym. November 2008 – Sutton Coldfield FC Optimal Performance – Sports Injury Clinic started out life in a small room at Sutton Coldfield Football Club. I approached the club […]
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OSPrecover – “regular massage can help with your aches and pains” »

OSPrecover – Massage Our everyday lives cause our body to be in unnatural positions, we are not designed to be sat down for long periods at a desk or driving. The body is designed to be moving round in an upright position!!! In STANDING, the natural anatomical position, enables our muscles to maintain there correct […]
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“New Therapist joining the Team” »

……Important News….. Isabel Rogers New therapist is jointing the team – Isabel Rogers Isabel Rogers- BSc With honours in Physiotherapy. Member of the chartered society of physiotherapists (MCSP) and registered with the Health and Care professions council (HCPC). Izzy -“My interest in Physiotherapy started when I suffered a knee injury which prevented me from competing […]
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Optimal Mobility – Injury (Treatments) »

Injury Management Treatments The healling process was explained breifly in the last post, going through four key stages of healling post injury BLEEDING, INFLAMMATION, PROLIFERATION and REMODELING. For Optimal healling it is essential to diagnose the specific injury in order for the correct treatment to be carried out. The right treatment is key to aid […]
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“Optimal Mobility” – Injury (ICE or HEAT?) »

Injury Management ICE or HEAT? In our last post we talked about the protocols to follow, post injury. However, the debate remains whether to apply ICE or HEAT after injury. My clients always ask, “What is better, ICE or HEAT”? and my answer over the years has always been the application of ice, following the […]
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“Optimal Mobility” – Injury (what to do?) »

Injury Management What to do in the event of an injury? 1-4 days after injury REST – or relative rest. This means staying away from aggravating activities. Our philosophy at Optimal Performance is to train around your injury, working within your limitations or focusing on other body parts and weaknesses. COMPRESSION – wearing a compression bandage […]
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