Optimal Mobility – Injury (Treatments)

Injury Management


The healling process was explained breifly in the last post, going through four key stages of healling post injury BLEEDING, INFLAMMATION, PROLIFERATION and REMODELING. For Optimal healling it is essential to diagnose the specific injury in order for the correct treatment to be carried out.

The right treatment is key to aid the cascade of processes during the INFLAMMATION, PROLIFERATION and REMODELING phases of healling. As was stated in our last post it is important to increase the efficency of each process improving your recovery time in the safest manner.

Initial treatments

This is a process of treatment that should be completed initially after an injury in any environment (at home or in clinic)

Ice – 10min at a time every 2 hours = to limit the cascade of BLEEDING after injury = 1-24 hours post injury no longer!!!!!

To get the best results post bleeding, heat and compression should be used in combination to improve the bodies natural healling process.

HEAT – to increase the efficiency of the bodies natural processes. The warmth will help to increase the circulation, cell permability and tissue function around the injury. Heat should be applied by using a hot water bottle, hot bath or jacuzzi for a period of 15-20min every 1-2 hours if possible.

COMPRESSION – to increase the efficiencey of the bodies natural processes. The compression will provide a compact environment around the injury, consequently increasing the circulation, cell permability and tissue function around that area. Compression can be applied by a TubaGrip or compression garments. Compression should be applied immediately for no longer than 1-2 hours consecutively.

If the pain or discomfort last any longer than 4 days it is important to seek the advice of a Heathcare Professional. Early diagnosis will improve the healling process and get you back to fitness in the shortest but safest period of time. As therapists it is important to perform the correct treatment as soon as possible to get the best possible results. Here are a few of the most effective treatment modalities we use at Optimal Performance.


The application of ultrasound induces the degranulation of mast cells – which act as inflammatory mediators. In basic terms ultrasound increases the activity of inflammatory enzeyms through the vibrations of the sound waves . By increasing the activity of these cells, the overall influence of therapeutic ultrasound is certainly pro-inflammatory. The benefit of this mode of action is not to ‘increase’ the inflammatory response as such, but rather to act as an ‘inflammatory opimiser’.

Employed at an appropriate treatment dose, with optimal treatment parameters (intensity, pulsing and time), the benefit of ultrasound is to make as efficient as possible to earliest repair phase, and thus have a promotional effect on the whole healing cascade.  The inflammatory response is essential to the effective repair of tissue, and the more efficiently the process can complete, the more effectively the tissue can progress to the next phase (proliferation).

Massage and Manipulation

The application of massage and manipulation induces a pro-inflammatory respose to the injured tissue and aims to encourage the natural alignment of the injured tissue ready for the PROLIFERATION and REMODDELING phase and the relay of new collegen fibres. The load put on the tissue during any form of manual therapy will encourage and enhance the bodies natural healling processes, circulation, cell permability and tissue formation.


The application of stretching at specific times to increase range of motion, is essencial to maintain mobility and function during the recovery phase post injury. It is important to maintain joint range and muscle length in order for the tissues to repair and remold back to their pre injury state.  Any deficit in range at a joint or muscle group can limit normal alignment and function, consequently, hindering the recovery process.

Stretching or mobility can be performed statically or dynamically with and without the aid of external tools. Each has its place in the recovery phase post injury and needs to be implemented correctly.  Static stretching needs to be performed in the early stages post injury to restore joint and muscle range. Dynamic stretches need to be performed around training and rehab exercies ensuring the joint and muscles function within a pain free range.

Strength and Conditioning

The process of strentgth and conditioning post injury is probably the most important in the recovery of any injury. It is important to ensure the muscle tissues have been strengthend to pre-injury rates and beyond, to cope with the internal and external loads placed upon them.

Optimal Performance

The treatments listed above are all used to great affect by Optimal Performance.  Each treatment modality has its place depending on the type, severity and time post injury and it is essencial to get the right treatment to ensure optimal recovery. They can all be used in combination for injury prevention as well, encorporating each modality around your training can help to mobilise and strengthen weak areas ensuring you are able to perform your chosen activity without pain or hinderence.

If your want advise on a specific injury or are unsure you have had the correct treatment please contact Craig on 07704766464