“Optimal Mobility” – Injury (what to do?)

Injury Management

What to do in the event of an injury?

1-4 days after injury

REST – or relative rest. This means staying away from aggravating activities. Our philosophy at Optimal Performance is to train around your injury, working within your limitations or focusing on other body parts and weaknesses.

COMPRESSION – wearing a compression bandage (tubagrip) will help support the injured site and assist the flow of blood away from and back to the injury. Compression garments (tops, shorts, tights) are also beneficial for the same purpose and to aid recovery.

ELEVATION – along with compression, elevation is essential to aid recovery. Ideally elevating the injury above the level of the heart will again help the flow of blood away from and back to the injury.

“ROM” – early Range Of Motion. It is important to maintain joint mobility within a pain free ROM. Maintaining range during the early stages of injury will decrease recovery time and help you back to fitness quicker.

STRETCH – accompanying early ROM or range of motion it is important to stretch within a pain free range. This will keep the integrity and flexibility of the injured area and help to aid recovery.

When to seek professional advice?

  • If your pain has not  improved significantly within 4 days
  • If your pain is consistently over a 7/10 on the Optimal Performance pain scale (10 being the most)
  • If you are experiencing sharp shooting pains at the site of injury (with or without movement)
  • If you have lost any sensation or function away from the site of injury
  • If you are experiencing pins and needles away from the site of injury

……… please seek advice from one of our therapists.

For advice call Craig on 07704766464