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OSPrecover – Massage

Our everyday lives cause our body to be in unnatural positions, we are not designed to be sat down for long periods at a desk or driving. The body is designed to be moving round in an upright position!!! In STANDING, the natural anatomical position, enables our muscles to maintain there correct alignment and work more efficiently without excess stress or injury. Therefore, if your sitting and not standing for the majority of the day, certain parts of your body will get locked in shortened/lengthened positions. Ultimately, this will lead to altered mechanics, pain and injury. IS this YOU……. if so, this is where massage comes in……

Regular massage along with corrective exercise can help to realign the altered muscular positions associated with everyday life. If your an office worker that sits for long periods your upper back and neck will become locked in a lengthened position causing altered scapular movement, forward shoulders and ultimately, altered posture. In this instance massage will be directed to help alleviate tension in the upper back/neck and lengthen the front shoulder structures, with additional stabilisation exercise to improve the posture.

Contrast this to a person who trains regularly or competes in sport, the muscles are overloaded and taken to the extremes of movement/force, repetition after repetition. Massage in this instance is used for recovery, directed massage will aid the bodies natural repair systems, preparing the muscles for the next training session or competition.

If you are an office worker who has upper or lower back pain or you compete in Sport, MASSAGE is for YOU……

We currently have an offer on over the Christmas period for a 60min massage usually £35 now £25 please get in touch with Craig for an appointment on 07704766464

*vouchers are also available for christmas presents